Electricity sale agreement

An electricity sale agreement was signed through the conclusion of a bilateral ten-year contract (PPA) with the company METRO SA. This agreement is the first to be concluded in the food retail trade, thus ensuring the purchasing company a lower price of electricity for the needs of its group. The power supply will be ensured through the 13.2 MW wind farm that will start to be built by the company ENERCOPLAN INVESTMENTS S.A. within 2023 in Distomo, Viotia. At the signing of the agreement OPTIMA BANK SA executives were present which has undertaken the financing of the said wind farm as well as executives from Deloitte which had undertaken the technical and financial control of the agreement.

Subsequently, an agreement was signed for the sale of UNIVERSUM SOLAR HELLAS SINGE MEMBER S.A. (subsidiary of the ENERCOPLAN INVESTMENTS SA) to METRO ENERGY SA (subsidiary of METRO SA) which holds an electricity production license and has received a license to install a 5.19 MW Photovoltaic Station in Achaia, thus sealing the good cooperation between the two companies.