Megali Rachi


The development of the wind park will be on a part of the ridge with a total length of approximately 250m in the location "Megali Rachi" of the Municipality of Thebes, D.E. Thisvi, P.E. Viotia. The altitude of the installation site is approximately 270m. The ridge on which the wind turbine will be installed is a public forest area. The terrain is semi-bouldery and the vegetation is sparse throughout.
The installation site is located outside the Nature Protection Areas and outside the Habitat and Species Conservation Areas.

Technical Study


The kinetic energy of the wind is called wind energy. Wind energy comes from converting a small percentage (about 0.2%) of the solar energy that reaches the ground on our planet into kinetic energy of the wind. It is worth noting that the wind power on the entire planet is estimated at 3.6×1018 MW, while the World Meteorological Organization estimates that about 1% of wind energy, amounting to 175×1012 kWh, is available for energy use in different parts of the world. Greece presents remarkable conditions for the development and implementation of wind parks, due to its high wind potential, and it should be noted that a Community target has been set to increase to 20.1% the contribution of renewable energy sources to Greece’s gross energy consumption by 2020.

The design of modern wind turbines covers, among others, the following basic requirements:

– A lifetime of more than 20 years.

– Life expectancy of over 20 years.

– Safe operation of the wind turbine over its entire operating range.

– Survival of the wind turbine at speeds of 70m/s.

– Corrosion and lightning protection.

– Appropriate design of components to damp transient loads.

– Intelligent control systems.

– High requirements of the generated electrical power quality.

– Low cost of the generated kWh.

All the above, as well as the size of existing applications at national and European level, prove the reliability of the technology applied.

The commercial products used are all from branded companies, including the best known for each product.


The technical works to be carried out during the construction phase of the project are divided into the Wind park installation works and the associated works.

The wind park projects include

✓ Electromechanical installation of the wind farm Underground Medium Voltage Grid - Power and Weak Current Cable ducts. ✓ Wind farm internal road works ✓ Shaping of the plazas for the erection of wind turbines ✓ Establishment of A/C - Pylon bases ✓ Wind park control tower

The Accompanying Projects include

✓ Road Works - Improvement of existing road for access to the A/V and transportation of the A/Vs to the installation sites. Electricity interconnection works - underground medium voltage network.

Description of the operating principle of the installation

The kinetic energy contained in the air masses is captured by the wind turbine rotor, resulting in the conversion of the kinetic energy of the air into mechanical work on the wind turbine shaft. The shaft is connected through the speed multiplier to the electric generator through which the electricity is generated. The wind turbine, with the help of its orientation system, is always oriented perpendicular to the wind direction and operates at a speed range from its starting speed (3 m/s) to its stopping speed (25 m/s).

Two independent braking systems are provided to immobilize the turbine in the event of abnormal operation or maintenance. The aerodynamic brake, which consists of rotating the blade in order to increase the aerodynamic drag and slow down the rotor of the wind turbine. The mechanical or hydraulic brake, with a disc and jaw system which immobilizes the wind turbine after activation. For safety reasons, both braking mechanisms are of the safe activation type. This means that they are activated in the event of a power failure for any reason.

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