WF Megali Rachi 3MW

The wind farm has an installed capacity of 2.99 MW and consists of 1 VESTAS wind turbine V 136 3.45 MW.


The development of the wind park took place on a part of the ridge with a total length of approximately 250m in the location “Megali Rachi” of the Municipality of Thebes, NE Thisvi, Perfecture of Viotia Greece.

The altitude of the installation location is approximately 270m. The ridge where the wind turbine was installed is a Public Forest area. The soil is semi-rocky and the vegetation that exists is sparse overall.

The installation location is outside the Nature Protection Areas and outside the Habitat and Species Conservation Zones.


Image : Wider installation area (Excerpt F.X. GYS 1:50.000 (the figure without scale)).


The site includes a VESTAS V 136-3.45 MW wind turbine with a maximum production capacity of 2.99 MWp . The height of the tower is 82m and the diameter of the rotor is 136m.

Figure  Schematic presentation of converting wind energy into electricity

Internet Connection

The wind farm operates as an independent power generation unit and is interconnected to the Thisvi Extension-No1 KYT.

Supply of the installation

The installation in question does not need fuel, since it uses the wind, which is constantly available and inexhaustible.

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